The Council


Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision for the borough:

To create a bold and progressive future for Watford.

We will achieve this by being innovative, and challenging ourselves to think and work differently. We want to champion the town as a destination of choice for people who live here, where communities thrive and can benefit from strong economic growth and high standards of local services and facilities.

We have identified four priorities that will underpin and support the delivery of our vision. We will:

  • Manage the borough’s housing needs

  • Enable a thriving local community

  • Enable a sustainable town and council

  • Celebrate and support our community

Our vision underpins everything we do and links directly to our corporate values.  Our values challenge our staff to work and think differently; they send a clear message about the energy, drive and forward thinking we look for at Watford.

  • BOLD: We work as a team and we make things happen 

  • PROGRESSIVE: We are ambitious, we are innovative and we are welcoming

We strive towards a dynamic culture, that is : 

  • Ambitious – having a “can-do” attitude to making things happen. Challenging ourselves to deliver excellent services and inspiring others to deliver results in a business-like way 

  • Innovative – embracing creative and entrepreneurial approaches and championing new ways of working that will transform Watford and deliver our ambitions 

  • Welcoming – engaging our residents and partners and providing an excellent customer experience 

  • Empowering – enabling our staff to take ownership and be accountable for their own performance, actions and decisions. Valuing diversity and listening to and understanding the views of others 

  • Open to Change – being adaptable and agile in order to support the needs of the business, working collaboratively and supporting colleagues

Political structure:

Peter Taylor is the Elected Mayor of Watford. He was elected in 2018. Watford has had the directly elected mayoral system since 2002.

The borough is split into 12 wards, with three councillors representing each ward. The current political profile of the council, including the Elected Mayor, is as follows:

  • Liberal Democrats: 27

  • Labour: 10

Review a summary of the council's political structure.

Below are links to additional key Council documents and information that provide further context on the Council’s budget position, including a recent Council initiative (the acquisition of Croxley Park) that is a good example of the decisions we are taking to secure the Council’s long-term financial future.

Our vision also links directly to our corporate values – that we ask staff to bring to life in their own roles: